About us

Fixel Electrical and Lighting LLC is a top licensed Electrical Contractor servicing customer throughout the Clark County (NV). We offer a comprehensive suite of services to residential and commercial clients looking for great value and high quality services delivered on time.  

We follow and apply all necessary codes, and work under strict safety guidelines to ensure our services will always match or exceed client’s expectations. As a wise man says: “if something has to be done, it has to be well done”. Our team of Electricians has a genuine passion for services, and we want to pass this on to our customers so we can build long trustworthy relations with them.

Our Purpose

We want to improve the world in as many aspects as we can. At Fixel, we believe that any individual improvement will have a broader positive impact in the lives of those directly affected by it, but also the society and the environment. With that in mind, our team will be always looking for ways to save our client’s money while creating better homes and businesses.

We strive to awe our clients through their entire journey with us, from the first contact all the way to the delivery of the final product, and we do so by combining a genuine care for our customers and the outstanding abilities of our team and partners.

Social Responsibility

Be it small or large, private or public, we believe that a company worth existing must give back to society. Companies should work with the community in order to create a virtuous reinforcing cycle that will leverage knowledge and the human condition. With that in mind we support these two entities in their quest to improve the lives of less fortunate people and secure a better future through education. If you too want to help, the links (images) below will take you to their websites.

The Fixel Way

Fixel delivers Prime Quality services according to your schedule, and at very competitive rates. We do so in the most professional and courteous way, striving to give our clients the best shopping experience they could have. Just call us! 

On Schedule

We adapt to your schedule to make sure you get project done at the right time.


Fixel will always have your budget and long term goals in mind when proposing the best solution.  

Hassle Free

Don’t worry! We”ll support and Help you in anyway we can to get the result you want

Safety First

Beyond the safety care of our trade, we also comply with CDC and WHO guidelines during the Pandemic.