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Some of our services

Testing Electric Circuit Breaker Panel
Have you done your home checkup lately? We are ready to run a  thorough assessment on your home and point out any concerning points so you can plan ahead.

In renovation and retrofit projects, its often necessary to relocate panels, wiring, switches, and other electrical devices to another room or facility. Let us make it happen for you!

thermography-thermographic inspection

 Periodic inspections are the ideal way to identify potential risks and prevent high costs associated with extensive repairs. Some inspections can also help reducing operating costs arising from faulty insulation and leaks.

Low voltage security systems

 Security is an ever growing concern, but fortunately the technology is on our side. If you need an integration project or a new installation, Fixel is the right company for the job. 

We are eager to know what improvement projects you have mind. Fixel is here to assist you from your planning stages all the way up to seamless delivery.

EV Charging stations have become a “must have” for any business willing to build a sustainable differentiation vis-a-vis its competitors. Contact us if you have not installed yours.