When choosing Fixel you can be sure you will get truly afordable and professional services. We are committed to improving the world, starting with the place you live in.

Our Services

Testing Electric Circuit Breaker Panel
Have you done your home checkup lately? We are ready to run a  thorough assessment on your home and point out any concerning points so you can plan ahead.

The right fan can transform an ambient by adding style and comfort to users. If your are looking to install or replace yours, let us make it happen for you!

Lamps at 700 by 400

 Yes, its past time to let go of your brave old lamps and fixtures! But don’t get sentimental, we can work on a lighting project that will stand out and bring welcome savings.

Low voltage security systems

If you need a media integration project or a new installation of cameras and floodlights, Fixel is the right company for the job.

Plan + tools

We are eager to know what improvement projects you have in mind. Fixel is here to assist you from your planning stages all the way up to seamless delivery.

EV charging vehicle 700x400

It will come a time when every home will be delivered with an Electric Vehicle Charger, but until then you can count on us to install yours. Click on the image to learn more.

Our Delivery


Our professionals are trained to identify risks and take all necessary measures to prevent accidents, so you don't have to put yourself in danger. We will always deploy a qualified team to help you out.


We always work with our clients to offer the best feasible price and paymet conditions, so you can stretch your money for the things you like. Just click the icon and stop worrying.


Fixel's team doesn't compromise on quality. Our goal is to do such a good job, that you won't even consider to hand your home to another provider. Think of Fixel for your next project.