Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We are good at many services, and we’re even better at installing Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment, commonly known as EV Chargers, or Charging Stations.

According to a NV Energy study, the use of en electrical vehicle, when compared to a conventional one, could save around $800 per year in fuel, but even more importantly, it would reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide by 1.5 tons of per year! Although Electric Cars come with charging cables that work on a standard household outlet, those cables will add less than 5 miles per hour of charging to an Electrical Vehicle. In contrast, a level 2 charging station could charge an electrical vehicle more than 8 times faster. 

If you own or intend to buy an electric car, there is a good chance you’ll want, or need, a proper charging station. In this case, rest assured that whichever equipment you decide to buy, you can count on Fixel to install your unit nicely, neatly, and at a great price! Just give us a Call. 

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